After two years of intense work, the Amsterdam pilots of the CONCORDA project will be presented on 3 December, during a test event organised by the Amsterdam Pilot Site at the BIMHUIS.

The starting point of the event will be the findings of the first official CONCORDA Test week, which took place in September 2019.

During this week, all traffic conditions were tested, sending the messages from the infrastructure (matrix signs and smart traffic lights) to the vehicle. These tests set the stage for further work and adjustments: for example, a difference in the transmission speed has been noticed according to the different communication techniques (WiFi-P and cellular) used to send the information.

During the upcoming meeting, CONCORDA test track will be virtually showed to give a concrete idea of what and how will be tested.

The presentation will provide insight from NXP, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and the Amsterdam Pilot site, collected during the set-up of the test circuits and the communication technology.

Until mid-2020, four Test weeks will take place: the second one, for which Dutch CONCORDA partners are already conducting pre-tests starting in the last week of November 2019, is scheduled for the end of January of the next year.

“We are proud of the work already done, but we need to advance further towards the future, starting from now to take the needed actions,” says Sebe Vogel (CONCORDA Amsterdam pilot site leader). “For example, during the second Test week in January 2020, the test track will be expanded, including also Amsterdam city centre and A5 / A9, as well as the provincial road (N205 / N201). We will test different situations, such as driving next to a slow-moving or stationary vehicle, approaching a closed lane or an intelligent traffic light, temporarily decreasing the speed due to traffic jams or roadworks.”

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