The C-MobILE project (Accelerating C-ITS Mobility Innovation and depLoyment in Europe) is deploying Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) designed to deal with a variety of challenges related to traffic congestion, road safety and engine emissions. It also helps local authorities deploy the cooperative transport services they need and raise awareness of the potential benefits for all road users.

C-MobILE will demonstrate C-ITS solutions on a large scale in urban and extra-urban environments by providing C-ITS services and service bundles to end users across various transport modes, including vulnerable road users such as cyclists and motorcyclists,

Addressing real-life mobility issues, the project also develops business cases based on sustainability criteria. To do this, C-MobILE partners are opening up existing smart infrastructure in participating cities via a hybrid communication architecture, integrating current C-ITS technology with cellular communications. This will in turn provide C-ITS services and applications in a seamless, uninterrupted cross-modal and cross-border way.

Service bundles for every city

C-MobILE regroups applications into four thematic application bundles identified according to their relevance to city deployment sites, feasibility, and potential for market uptake: Urban Effciency, Infrastructure-to-Vehicle Safety, Traffic Efficiency, and Vehicle-to-Vehicle Safety. Within these bundles, a variety of applications provide a range of services such as urban parking availability information, road works warnings, road hazard information, green light optimal speed advice, flexible lane usage with adjustable priority lanes, or dynamic eco-driving; as well as beneficial safety features including ambulance green light priority, stationary traffic warning, or blind spot warnings to protect cyclists and motorcyclists.

These service bundles will be developed and provided in the form of open, modular and extendable wrap applications, bringing together many C-ITS services into the same environment, with richer user experience features.

A total of eight C-ITS equipped cities and regions are involved in the project: Barcelona (Spain), Bilbao (Spain), Bordeaux (France), Copenhagen (Denmark), Newcastle (United Kingdom),Thessaloniki (Greece), Vigo (Spain), Thessaloniki (Greece), and the North Brabant Region (Netherlands); all of which have been research pilot sites for large-scale deployment of sustainable services in the past.

Photo credits: C-MobILE