The Danish capital is planning a bridge for pedestrians and cyclists in a new development in the city’s north harbour.

The bridge will be 65 metres above ground level, and will link two towers hosting residential and business tenants sited at the mouth of the harbour. Construction of the towers, designed by American architect Steven Holl, is expected to begin in 2016.

Although the design doesn’t appear to be the most obvious way to cross the harbour mouth at first glance, the design is due to the specific conditions of the site. Copenhagen’s planning laws specify that new residential buildings must be located at least 500 metres from a public transport stop.

Without the bridge, the southern tower would not meet this criteria. Moreover, the bridge cannot simply be built at ground level as the harbour needs to accommodate cruise ships coming into and leaving Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is receiving increasing attention for its innovative approach to cycling and pedestrian infrastructure, such as the Cykelslangen elevated cycling bridge which was completed in summer 2014.

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