Work_zone_conesWith the new “TIC Document” feature, GEWI’s TIC Software can now be used by organisations to create a wide range of documents directly from the TIC Software.

The TIC Document feature uses templates which have been designed to be easy to create and modify to export any data in the TIC system as a document or report.

The TIC Document feature is already being used to issue permits for traffic control at or near work zones. By incorporating the permit process into the same TIC system that manages the work zone and traffic and travel information, public agencies can better control all information about the work zone, including providing the public with accurate reports about how the work zone will affect traffic.

The TIC Document feature can also be used to create management reports to track operator performance, or reports based on specific incidents, roadways, or any other data managed by the TIC system. This includes status of ITS Devices or an overview of all monitored systems.

For more information about the TIC Document feature, visit to locate a GEWI representative in your region.