Desire to change the world and bring people and technology together with innovative solutions; these are the goals of ERTICO’s new Partner Ubiwhere, a  company focused on research, development and innovation of software-based solutions in the areas of smart cities, telecom and future internet, and new technologies.

Founded in 2007, the Portuguese company is today recognised as an expert in the commercial exploitation of multiple areas, ranging from urban mobility, to 5G and EV charging, smart air quality, smart parking, smart traffic, mobility-as-a-service, fleet management and sharing and bike-sharing.

“Ubiwhere shares ERTICO’s vision for collaboration across all mobility sectors and for putting sustainability and the user at the heart of the city. We are very excited that they are joining our Partnership,” said ERTICO Director of Partnership and Communications Irina Patrascu-Grant.

“Our activities are very aligned with ERTICO and their Partnership, which is leading the future of transportation in Europe. We want to play an active role in ERTICO, talking to leading players, smart cities and potential customers, to shape the future of intelligent transportation, making it more connected, autonomous and sustainable.’ said Rui A Costa, CEO Ubiwhere.

Ubiwhere has also participated in standardization activities at ETSI, relevant for 5G deployment and use cases, semantic interoperability and cross-domain data analysis. All these aspects pave the way for a great future collaboration with ERTICO.