The tour around Europe to showcase the different ecoDriver systems in a video concluded in October at the premises of CRF, in Orbassano (near Turin), Italy. Against the backdrop of the project, CRF has developed its ecoDriver Human Machine Interface (HMI) following a User-Centred Design process. This has been achieved by involving experts and users in different design and testing phases.

CRF designed different ecoDriver HMIs with a common logic and integrated the solutions into three testing vehicles to perform tests in real driving environment. The idea for CRF is that the HMI does not impose a radical change on the driver, but simply adapts to her/his particular driving style.

The selected HMI solutions are both visual and haptic. Driving advice and feedback about eco-relevant traffic events and suggested optimal manoeuvres (i.e. green speed and gear) are provided during the trip. An instantaneous consumption score during the drive and a post trip ecodriving score are also offered to the driver.

The visual HMI is mainly based on pictograms, as they are language-independent. Those pictograms were preliminarily evaluated during usability tests in CRF’s Usability Laboratory and Virtual Driving Simulator to privilege their comprehensibility. In one of the three prototypes, the visual solution is complemented by a haptic accelerator pedal, where, if necessary, the driver feels a feedback as advice to release it.

Both the visual and the haptic interface were positively evaluated by the test drivers during CRF Virtual Driving Simulator trials. Along these lines both these modalities were used as HMI solutions implemented into vehicle prototypes tested during the real world trials. The project participants at CRF report that the drivers who tested the system learned very quickly how to use it. The analysis of data acquired during the on road trials will highlight final results both on users’ evaluations and driving dimensions. 


Selection of pictures and quotes


Antonella Toffetti  (Project Manager, CRF)             Paolo Capano (ecoDriver HMI software developer, CRF)                          

“A nice feature of the CRF ecoDriver HMI is that after a short initial time to learn the routes, the system is able to provide suggestions for an improved eco driving style. An additional feature is the fact that advices and feedbacks are tailored on subjective drivers’ style.”


*For more information on CRF’s contribution to ecoDriver, check this scientific publication