An integrated and economic public transport network, including a metro system, throughout the city and its surrounding areas, is aimed to be implemented by 2030. A six-week consultation on the development of Glasgow’s transport strategy will be launched by the City Region Cabinet.

The study will help inform the Local Transport Strategy, which will contain a suite of policies and themes, and be published during 2021. An update was provided to the city region committee this week.

Harjinder Gharyal, project director, said: “The feasibility study will involve working with key stakeholders very much to reflect on and provide a common aspiration for the metro system and what it can look like for the city region. Analysis has to look at the transport system from a fresh perspective particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic. One of the critical things is the alignment between the local region and the national guidelines but this is very much a collaborative approach.”

It was confirmed that the airport access link remains a key area of focus to try and boost tourism in Glasgow and the surrounding areas. Mr Gharyal is meeting with stakeholders to discover what the metro project means to each of them. It is hoped that the feasibility study will be completed by November next year.

Leader of the Council, councillor Susan Aitken said: “The Glasgow economic recovery group has highlighted the metro as one of the key factors for medium to long term recovery. It won’t impact people who are losing their jobs right now but that focus on green recovery and investment in low carbon infrastructure which connects to high-quality work opportunities, ticks a lot of boxes.