ERTICO is pleased to announce that Cycling Industries Europe has joined its Partnership. Cycling Industries Europe (CIE) is the voice of cycling business in Europe. As a Brussels-based trade association for the cycling ecosystem, our members range from SMEs to global companies, representing all sectors within the industry including manufacturers, service providers, infrastructure companies, digital solutions and shared mobility providers. In collaboration with our members, we guide the development of the cycling industry and public policy in Europe.

The ERTICO Partnership bridges the gaps between stakeholders across the ITS community to help make mobility safer, more efficient and sustainable. Together, we lead the digital transformation of transport by developing cutting-edge technologies, new services and innovative mobility solutions to move people and goods in smarter ways. Our Partners share the joint mission to actively promote sustainable collaborative relations with EU institutions and policymakers by connecting local and regional transport organisations with national authorities.

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are vital to increase safety and tackle Europe’s growing emission and congestion problems. CIE recognises the need to better integrate cycling into wider ITS deployment and has been working to play a steering role in encouraging strategic collaboration between the cycling and ITS sectors. We have been at the forefront of cycling and ITS implementations via our partnership within the BITS and MegaBITS projects and we are actively collaborating with the NAPCORE project via our Advisory Board membership status to standardize cycling data sets across the EU. This partnership with ERTICO will bring our engagement one step further, and we look forward to working with ERTICO and its partners to deliver on the needs of the cycling industry in Europe.

“CIE is committed to advancing connected cycling alongside ERTICO. Together, we want to decarbonize transport and enhance urban life. The European Declaration on Cycling underscores the importance of data collection, opening doors for safer, more accessible cycling through ITS innovations. We’re excited to collaborate further with ERTICO for the cycling industry’s success in Europe,” comments Kevin Mayne, CEO of Cycling Industries Europe.

“We are pleased to welcome Cycling Industries Europe to the ERTICO public-private partnership, a new collaboration which holds particular significance in light of the recent adoption of the European Declaration on Cycling, underscoring the important role of data collection and ITS innovations in promoting safer and more accessible cycling infrastructure. Cycling Industries Europe’s invaluable commitment aligns perfectly with our mission to foster sustainable innovation for future mobility, and together, we are poised to navigate towards a future where cycling seamlessly integrates with cutting-edge ITS solutions. We look forward to enriching cooperation to enhance the cycling experience, address challenges such as emissions and congestion, and contribute to reshaping the urban landscape across Europe,” says Joost Vantomme, CEO of ERTICO.

Joining the ERTICO Partnership is an important way to connect the dots between different sectors across our complex ecosystem. The Partnership enables close collaboration between stakeholders by coordinating the planning and deployment of intelligent transport systems and smart mobility solutions in Europe and beyond.

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