DEKRA is one of the first testing organisations to have received approval for all key services relating to hydrogen refueling stations (HRSs). Commissioned by refueling station operators, the DEKRA experts can certify the facilities’ compliance with all the applicable safety standards and the quality of the hydrogen they deliver.

In summer 2023, DEKRA was authorised by the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) to independently test and certify hydrogen refueling stations in accordance with ISO 19880-1c. This puts DEKRA among the first recognized testing organizations to be authorized by CEP for this task. DEKRA already has a fixed supply agreement with the Ulm-based Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg (ZSW) for the testing, including acceptance testing, of the refueling stations.
Impurities in the hydrogen can damage the fuel cells in vehicles, so the hydrogen sold at refueling stations in Germany must meet the standards defined in DIN EN 17124, which is required by carmakers. As a new service, DEKRA is also offering the testing and confirmation of hydrogen quality at the pump. DEKRA already has the first confirmed clients for its testing services to ensure safe refueling in accordance with ISO 19880-1c. DEKRA has fixed supply agreements with the ZSW as well as the Duisburg-based Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Center (ZBT) to test hydrogen quality and perform acceptance testing at refueling stations.
As an expert testing organization, DEKRA is supporting the hydrogen economy with its expertise and a wide range of services and solutions. The aim is to facilitate the transformation for all consumption sectors – mobility, industry, and buildings – and to design a secure infrastructure for the generation, storage, and distribution of hydrogen. In addition, DEKRA experts are involved in national and international committees, industry organizations, and associations.