The ERTICO-led 5G-LOGINNOV consortium held a public event on 7 November in Koper, Slovenia, to mark the culmination of three years of its work. More than 80 attendees at this final event had the opportunity to witness the project’s accomplishments through a series of speeches, panel discussions, and live technology demos from 5G-LOGINNOV’s three living labs.

5G-LOGINNOV, the groundbreaking Horizon 2020 project focused on leveraging 5G technology to revolutionise logistics and port operations, will officially end its mission at the end of this month, with several achievements. Optimising freight and traffic operations at ports and logistics hubs was the project’s ambitious objective when it was started in September 2020. The project consortium consisting of 15 members, six of which are also ERTICO partners (Akkodis, Continental, ICCS, ICOOR, SWARCO, T-Systems) efficiently collaborated to provide excellent outcomes within the next three years.

Coordinated by Dr Eusebiu Catana, Senior Manager at ERTICO-ITS Europe, the three-year project culminated in a remarkable final event in Slovenia, with participants from key sectors such as public authorities, transport companies, service providers, ports, customs, shippers, terminal operators, users, and academia. High-level speakers gave keynotes, stressing the project’s importance in the domains of smart ports, logistics, and telecommunications.

5G-LOGINNOV’s Project officer, Dr Jorge Pereira, DG CONNECT, remarked on the importance of 5G for the development of the smart port industry. He also highlighted how “the 5G-LOGINNOV project maximised the efficiency of the ports’ ecosystems with the implementation of innovative technologies”.

Slovenian government and industry representatives acknowledged 5G-LOGINNOV’s valuable contribution to speeding up the technical advancement of logistics chains. Those present at the event included:

At the Port of Koper partners presented the main findings from the project’s three living labs in Hamburg, Athens, and Koper. In a marketplace format and using AI and 5G-enabled video analytics technology to speed up logistical operations, participants were able to witness the value of 5G connection in enabling safe and secure operations.

One standout achievement of the Hamburg living lab was the successful implementation of a cutting-edge 5G-based Green Light Optimum Speed Advisory (GLOSA) system, which improved efficiency in port operations and logistics. In Athens and Koper living labs, 5G-LOGINNOV also used 5G and AI-enabled video analytics to enhance safety and efficiency in port control and logistics. These services, which were created especially for logistics, port control, and remote automation, significantly improved overall efficiency and ensured a higher level of safety within the project’s constraints.

By utilising the most cutting-edge technology to effectively forge synergies across various businesses and stakeholders, the project’s efforts helped to clarify the potential for the sector.

The past three years have been fruitful for 5G-LOGINNOV. The project partners have demonstrated their experience and ability to collaborate towards the shared goal of innovation in the European transport, logistics and mobility sectors.

Through the EU-funded project, ERTICO has continued its work towards seamless logistics and freight transport, with the vision of achieving the full digitalisation and automation of freight and logistics operations by 2030.

You may read the full press release of the event here.

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5G LOGINNOV is co-funded by the European Commission, Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 957400 (Innovation Action).