The CO-GISTICS partners, together with the Strasbourg Traffic Control Center, are preparing a demonstration at the ITS European Congress in Strasbourg, from 19-22 June 2017.


CO-GISTICS is proposing a Cooperative ITS interoperability demonstration with two innovative services on the roads and junctions of the city: Speed advice (also called GLOSA) and Cargo Transport Optimisations.

The GLOSA (Green Light Optimal Speed Advice) service, when approaching one of the 5 equipped traffic lights in Strasbourg, will give speed advice to the driver in order to reach the intersection with a green light.

GEOLOC SYSTEMS has developed its own V2X facilities integrating the most recent version of SPAT/MAP and most recent security standards. Our GLOSA application has been adapted and receives real-time information from the traffi c light controllers adapted for the occasion by Fareco. The demonstration is completed by a second vehicle provided by Euro Metropole of Strasbourg.

Cargo transport optimisation has been added to our product by integrating these services to the GLOSA interface. The driver receives and sends information concerning the delivery and pick up of goods. He will also have access to an appointment management service and an eCMR for paperless management of dangerous goods.

Finally, our demo has the ambition of being interoperable with another GLOSA application developed in the frame of the European Mobinet project by Dynniq.

Registration is possible at any time at the entry of the congress or by mail to :


CO-GISTICS is organising a project session titled Improving efficiency of freight and logistics through C-ITS  and presenting technical papers in a technical session dedicated to freight and logistics. More information is below.

PR08 – Improving efficiency of freight and logistics through C-ITS

Thursday, 22 June 2017, 09:00 – 10:30 (room Berlin)

A vast amount of technologies is already available today to manage different aspects of goods movement, but these existing systems are currently not always linked to each other, missing the opportunity to optimise their performance through coordination, above of individual business requirements. This session will prove the value of C-ITS in optimising goods movement in urban and suburban areas by reporting on the results of the 5 services deployed by European project CO-GISTICS in 7 logistics hubs, some of them also part of the COMPASS4D network, having tested similar services for passengers. The services deployed by CO-GISTICS and the project partners have proven good results in increasing efficiency of logistics operations such as port loading/unloading optimisation, last mile delivery and automation as well as reducing CO2 emissions correlated to large fuel savings and full transparency of use of vehicles.

Iraklis Stamos, IRU Projects, Belgium
Josep Maria Salanova Grau, CERTH-HIT, Greece
Andre Perpey, Geoloc Systems, France
Klaus Grabert, T-Systems, Germany
Stephen George, City of Birmingham, United Kingdom
Hermann Grünfeld, Hamburg Port Authority, Germany


TS08 – Freight and logistics tools 1  
Tuesday, 20 June 2017, 14:00 – 15:30 (room Luxembourg)

SP0862 – Impact assessment of cooperative services for freight transport
Josep Maria Salanova Grau, CERTH-HIT, Greece  

TP0874 – Exploring the commercialization potential of freight transport services the CO-GISTICS project
Iraklis Stamos, IRU Projects, Belgium

TP0910 – A methodological approach for a Cost-Benefit Analysis of cooperative freight transport services
Selini Hadjidimitriou, ICOOR, Italy

For more information visit the ITS Strasbourg website.