Dr Yanying Li the coordinator of the VIAJEO project was invited to give a lecture at the Dalian University of Technology.  The Viajeo project (International Demonstration of Open Platform for Traveller and Transport Planning) which started in September 2009 aims to develop implement and demonstrate an open platform to integrate data from various data sources. The lecture entitled “Integration and Applications of data from various sources” was held on the Friday 7 May 2010 during Dr Yanying’s holiday in China. The lecture was attended by academic staff and students from Department of Transportation Engineering. At the lecture Yanying introduced the current situation of data collection for traveller information and transport planning in Europe. The benefits of data integration data from various sources and stakeholders were highlighted and the concept of an open platform and applications with the VIAJEO project was introduced.  Following the lecture questions were asked about data exchange data format interfaces etc. There were also queries on the activities of ERTICO EU-China cooperation on ITS and FP7 participation. The institute expressed its interests in cooperation with ERTICO and discussed the potential of making Dalian a major port city in Northern China one of demo sites for future ITS demonstration projects.  

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Integration and Application of Data from Various Sources



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Original Publication Date: Mon 26 Jul 2010