On Tuesday 24 January 2012 EasyWay under the patronage of Antonio Cancian MEP (EPP) and with the kind cooperation of his staff as organised a conference in the Brussels’ EP premises.

The event “EasyWay: making road mobility safer greener and more efficient for the European citizen” took place immediately after a session of the TRAN EP committee and was attended by – among others – Brian Simpson (TRAN Committee Chairman) Ines Ayala Sender (MEP TRAN Committee) Anne Jensen (MEP rapporteur of the recommendation for second reading on the adoption of a general framework for the spread of intelligent transport systems in the field of road transport and interfaces with other transport modes) Dominique Riquet (MEP TRAN Committee) Giommaria Uggias (MEP TRAN Committee) Georgios Koumoutsakos (MEP TRAN Committee) Carlo Fidanza (MEP TRAN Committee) Theodoros Skylakakis (MEP) Spyros Danellis (MEP) Othmar Karas (MEP) Giancarlo Scotti (MEP)Vice-President of the European Parliament Roberta Angelilli (MEP) Fotis Karamitsos (Director of Directorate C for Innovative & Sustainable Mobility DG-MOVE) Christopher North (Head of Unit Air Waterborne Transport Logistics Innovation and Co-modality TEN-T Executive Agency) Klaus Schierhackl (ASECAP President) and Skirmantas Skrinka (CEDR President).

Mr Cancian stated that “The aim of this meeting is to understand what worked in this program what results were obtained which further developments are possible and confirm that it is continuing to invest resources in this area of the Community budget.” Mr Cancian continued “The EASYWAY program and more generally the application of intelligent transport systems to the road sector responds to the call in my opinion for a more intelligent use of existing infrastructure: the applications and ongoing trials may benefit from an important environmental benefit reducing congestion and encouraging better use of infrastructure. In my opinion these systems can do more and are better interventions than  taxation such as proposed by the Eurovignette Directive for example.”

About the  EasyWay project

EasyWay is the unique European Project aiming at harmonised implementation of Intelligent Transports Systems (ITS) and Services across the TEN – T Road Network and its urban and multimodal links. EasyWay has a strong foundation in the 27 Member States and 3 other European countries and operates in a coordinated way under the supervision of the TEN-T Executive Agency and through policy direction from the European Commission (DG MOVE) to address the major EU transport  objectives and harmonise the deployment of Intelligent Transport Services (ITS) on the TEN – T Road network. It is a most efficient platform to steer and coordinate pan-European deployment from local regional and national level to Europe-wide. EasyWay gathers around 150 partners such as road authorities public and private road operators across Europe.

EW Objectives
EasyWay’s objectives are fully consistent with both the national policies of the 27 EU Member States and with the priorities defined in the ITS Action Plan and the ITS Directive (2010/40/EC). EasyWay targets practical actions that deploy National and European policies towards a harmonized competitive and resource efficient transport System.

The main objectives of EasyWay are to improve safety reduce congestion and environmental impacts and to promote the continuity of services at regional and European level through the coordinated deployment of real-time information and traffic management services for the benefit of the European road user. EasyWay contributes to the improvement of interfaces between conurbation networks and public transport services by fostering a co-modal traveller approach.

The Future
Until now EasyWay thanks to the financial support of the European Commission has demonstrated that the deployment of ITS delivers significant safety efficiency and environmental benefits. The EasyWay project results have shown where the deployment of ITS has had a positive effect on transport networks. These results highlight the overall success of EasyWay in delivering tangible benefits for European citizen network owners and transport road operators. True harmonised ITS deployment takes time and consistency EasyWay program is committed to continue and to do much more in order to realise a real harmonised European road network for the benefit of the European citizen.

For further information please contact Alessandro Javicoli or visit the EasyWay website.

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Original Publication Date: Mon 06 Feb 2012