The European Commission has granted 9 extra months to the UDRIVE consortium. This implies that the project will be running until 30 June 2017 instead of 30 September 2016, what will provide project partners a wider margin of time to finalise data collection (SP3) and work on Data Analysis (SP4) and Impact (SP5).

UDRIVE is a unique project, as it will for the first time analyse crash causation factors, distraction, vulnerable road users and eco-driving in real driving conditions through several Member States.

Based on the outcomes of the analysis, UDRIVE will also formulate recommendations to improve driver behavioural models, safety & sustainability measures. Moreover, the resulting database will open new exploitation paths by allowing researchers or industry to re-use this data.

In the spring of 2017, a thematic workshop on preliminary results and six regional workshops conducted in local languages will unveil the results of this first European wide-scale naturalistic driving study. The final event in June 2017 will mark the end of the project.

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