30 July 2013

As the development of a pan Europan eCall system continues to gain momentum in Europe, a joint project of Gemalto, Yokosuka Telecom Research Park and FUJITSU TEN has made it possible to test end-to-end eCall solutions in Japan.

In the same way that air bags or other in-vehicle sensors are triggered, eCall initiates a standardised “112” call to the nearest public-safety answering point (PSAP), providing key situation data, including exact location, time and vehicle identification number (VIN).

According to a new White Paper written by Jan Stojaspal and Marcel Visser, Japan’s interest in eCall may be more than just an attempt to meet EU safety rules as the eCall in-vehicle hardware could act as a gateway for other telematics services, such as stolen vehicle tracking or usage-based insurance.

Download the paper here: icon TU japan2013 ecallwhitepaper (461.37 kB)