The decarbonisation of road transport: how can eco-driving contribute?

Wednesday 7 October from 16.00 to 17:30
Hall 1 EXPO- Project Dissemination Theatre

ecoDriver partners have developed and tested different eco-driving solutions on a wide scale including:

  • integrated systems for cars and trucks
  • an aftermarket solution
  • a Smartphone application

This session will discuss the extent to which these technologies can reduce emissions and fuel use, and what are the prospects of their take-up by drivers and fleet operators.

The session will be led by the University of Leeds and Daimler, with an invited speaker from the US Department of Transportation.



1. ecoDriver objectives and key outputs

2.  Application development and evaluation results

3.  Perspectives from the US

4. ecoDriver systems: prospects for take-up, costs, benefits and external scenarios

5.  Panel discussion including prospects and willingness to pay, with audience participation (open questions and voting)

The session will be very interactive, so we hope to see you there!

For more information on ecoDriver, click here