First Greek municipality to implement ICT services and infrastructure and first digital city in Greece: ERTICO welcomes the Municipality of Trikala in its network of public authorities.

Trikala is well known in Greece not only for its digital services, but also for its smart mobility solutions. What makes Trikala an important element in the ERTICO Partnership is its forward looking solutions for traffic management, smart mobility and data management.

Over the years, Trikala has in fact successfully addressed the traffic issue by creating the necessary infrastructure for Smart Mobility thanks to the city’s robust Data Centre. From there, all operations are monitored with fleet telematics equipment, providing the possibility to look over static and dynamic data coming from public transport and electronic signs located on urban road networks. For this reason, Trikala is at the forefront when it comes to informing its citizens and allowing the provision of further services.

Trikala’s technological expertise can find fertile ground within the ERTICO, with whom this public authority has already collaborated in the past.

“It is great to have another public authority on board”, said Irina Patrascu-Grant, ERTICO Director of Partnership and Communications. “ERTICO has already worked with Trikala in European projects such as Opti-Truck and ELVITEN, and we have been very impressed by the innovative approach to mobility of this public authority”.

This new Partnership opportunity will allow Trikala to be part of ERTICO’s public authority platforms and projects, exchanging best practice with ERTICO’s consolidated network of European cities.