Public Consultation on the development of a comprehensive, integrated Research, Innovation, and Competitiveness Strategy for the Energy Union:

The European Commission has launched a Public Consultation on the development of the Energy Union Integrated Research, Innovation and Competitiveness Strategy (EURICS) aimed at facilitating the European Union’s transition to a sustainable, competitive, energy-efficient and low-carbon economy.

The consultation, in looking into the competitiveness of EU economic actors and new business opportunities, also examines how transport – one of the main energy users in the EU – can contribute to achieving the overall climate and energy goals.

The Commission is now inviting all stakeholders and interested parties, including EU citizens, private and public organisations to share their views on how to achieve the EU’s energy and climate targets, as well as sector-specific research, development and innovation priorities needed for the transformation.

To this end, the Public Consultation is available on-line and will be accessible until 31/05/2016. Its findings will also feed into a Strategic Transport R&I Agenda (STRIA) as the transport pillar of EURICS.