A number of cities from around the world have already expressed their interest in participating in the ERTICO City Moonshot – a global survey and a series of interviews consulting cities about their smart mobility challenges, needs and trends.  Last week, the initiative looked East, with a webinar dedicated to the Russian mobility scene – launching the kick-off of ERTICO’s City Moonshot in Russian-speaking countries.

“All happy cities resemble one another, each unhappy city is unhappy in its own way”, says Aleksandr Evsin, Deputy Director of the COOD Moscow, Head of Traffic Management Centre Situational Room. At the event, he represented the City of Moscow the second-largest city on the European continent, and answered questions related to mobility objectives and solutions. Paraphrasing the famous Russian author Tolstoy, Evsin highlights the uniqueness of cities and their individual needs. Contactless fare payment in public transport, driverless busses and tram, the set-up of a single digital space – the Russian Federation is buzzing with innovation. ERTICO recognises the importance of this region in the smart mobility sphere. With the City Moonshot a direct exchange is facilitated to engage cities, inspire innovation and empower citizens.

“The ERTICO City Moonshot is a vehicle to engage with known and, more importantly, unknown stakeholders, to build professional links with smart mobility experts globally. Russian speaking countries have been identified as a region with great potential and will benefit from sharing their expertise with markets beyond the borders of the Russian Federation”, says Vladimir Vorotovic, Senior Manager at ERTICO who presented the City Moonshot during the webinar. More than 60 enthusiastic city representatives joined the presentation last week, with many eager to participate in the interview series.

The webinar was organised in collaboration with the Russian Association of Transport Engineers (ATE). Are you a city and interested in becoming part of this global initiative? For more information contact Aleksandra Maj (a.maj@mail.ertico.com) or sign up directly here.