The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA), which provides authorities with technical guidance on the 5G Toolbox measure for security requirements in existing 5G standards, released its Security in 5G Specifications Report.

The Report concerns key security controls in the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), the main body developing technical specifications for fifth generation of mobile telecommunications (5G) networks. As vendors, system integrators and operators build, deploy and manage 5G networks, the ENISA publication underlines the need for cybersecurity and for the national regulatory authorities in charge of cybersecurity policy development and implementation to have a good understanding of these controls.

This new ENISA report is directly driven by the objectives set in the EU toolbox for 5G security – mainly technical measure ‘TM02’. This technical measure calls on the relevant authorities in EU Member States to ensure and evaluate the implementation of security measures in existing 5G standards (3GPP specifically) by operators and their suppliers.

The aim of the report is to help national and regulatory authorities to better understand the standardisation environment pertaining to 5G security, 3GPP security specifications and key security controls that operators must implement to secure 5G networks.

More specifically, the report provides:

– A high-level overview of the specification and standardisation landscape for the security of 5G networks, and of the main activities by various standardisation organisations and industrial groups in the area of 5G;
– An explanation of the technical specifications developed by 3GPP for the security of 5G networks, with a focus on optional security features;
– Summary of key findings and good security practices.

The ENISA report also covers security considerations beyond standards and specifications, such as testing and assurance, product development, network design, configuration and deployment, and operation and management.

Source: European Commission, DG Connect

In this context, ERTICO is supporting the uptake of 5G through the European projects 5G-LOGINNOV, 5G-META, 5G-MOBIX and 5G-DRIVE. These activities are all contributing to the progress in this field, leading to services for safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly transports.