Hermann Meyer, ERTICO’s CEO, will participate as a panellist in the discussions on the future of European Road Transport that will take place during the 4th IRU/EU Road Transport Conference. His focus will be on the transition from a mode-centric approach to a service-centric approach, and on how end-to-end customer mobility services for people and goods will become the ultimate target for competition leading to further improvements in safety, comfort, efficiency and reliability.

The panel discussion will be broken down into three key areas:

· Infrastructures and fuel- What are the alternatives to diesel and how can these be utilised?

· Efficiency of Road Transport- Is it better to do more with less or should efforts focus on driving better?

· Innovation and Road Transport- How far and how fast should new innovations in road transport inform and change legislation?

The 4th IRU conference will be held on Thursday 9 October in Brussels, between 9.30h and 15h. To check the agenda and to register, click here