Earlier this month, from 5-9 October 2023, ITS Ireland held its Annual Conference in Cork, a key event in Ireland’s national transport calendar. The conference, centred around the theme ‘The Transition to Sustainable Mobility,’ drew over 100 participants. ERTICO was kindly invited to present the European perspective and strategic overview of EU objectives aimed at achieving safe, efficient, and sustainable mobility, represented by Andrew Winder, Senior Manager, Innovation & Deployment.

During the event, Mr Winder talked about ERTICO’s contribution to the European flagship initiatives in sustainable, smart and resilient mobility, explaining how ERTICO supports this through European co-funded Partnership projects, innovation platforms and other activities across four focus areas which are aligned with the European priorities in smart and sustainable mobility. He also participated in a panel discussion on the role of ITS in delivering sustainable mobility, together with experts from Cork City Council, Dublin City Council and the National Transport Authority, and chaired by Dónal Hodgins of ITS Ireland and Kildare County Council, who is also Vice Chair of the Network of National ITS Associations. This covered a wide range of topics including speed, road safety, automation, public transport information and ticketing, cycling, modal shift and the challenge of attracting new talent into the ITS sector.

In conclusion, the ITS Ireland 2023 Conference provided a crucial platform for stakeholders to exchange ideas, innovations, and strategies aimed at propelling the transition to sustainable mobility. ERTICO’s enthusiastic involvement in this event reflects its unwavering commitment to driving positive change in the transportation sector, ultimately benefiting communities and the environment alike.