Following the successful completion of the ERTICO-led Horizon Europe project, 5G-LOGINNOV, which demonstrated a 17% reduction in carbon emissions by implementing Time-to-Green information in urban mini-platoons for city logistics, ERTICO Partner, T-Systems, also project partner, launched an ISO 23795-1 compatible application for public download. The solution, available as Low Carbon Mobility Management (LCMM), can be found in the Apple iOS App Store and Android Play Store. This launch is part of the Deutsche Telekom Group’s Green-Magenta sustainability programme.

The LCMM app measures, thus quantifies the carbon emissions per ton-kilometre and therefore helps generate certified Big Data sources designed to minimise greenwashing which often takes place when carbon reporting methodologies are arbitrary and untransparent for independent third-party accountants. The ISO standards are

  1. ISO 23795-1: Provides details on the physics of driving behaviour per vehicle and trip, using second-by-second speed profiles from mobile and telematic devices on the road.
  2. ISO 14083: Quantifies the entire multimodal transport chain, defined by average values in the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) Framework for Logistics Emissions Accounting and Reporting.

ERTICO played a significant role in developing these standards, working with project partners in AEOLIX, FENIX, and 5G-LOGINNOV to define a technical framework now ready for market deployment based on ISO standards. For more information, please visit:

  1. ISO 23795-1
  2. ISO 14083

Fleet and traffic managers can benefit from downloading and familiarising themselves with the LCMM app. The app enables the collection of detailed information about tour and road network quality, facilitating a better understanding of carbon emissions on the road and reducing overall multimodal emissions reported under ISO 14083. No additional devices are required; any iOS or Android smartphone with a satellite positioning receiver is sufficient. The app supports eco-drive behaviour and green navigation tour planning, facilitating B2B data analytics, including machine learning and AI. Users can generate mobility data tailored to common enterprise architectures across all domains: pre-trip, on-trip, and post-trip.

In three months, during the 30th ITS World Congress in Dubai, ERTICO, T-Systems, and the University of Leipzig will present the next major milestone for significant carbon savings, leveraging billions of smartphones and their cloud-based daily routing requests. They will showcase an eco-route service architecture, based on successful 5G-LOGINNOV field trials in the ports of Hamburg, Luka Koper, and Athens. Designed with open software and fully compatible with the ISO 23795-1 standard, this architecture can be transferred to all commercial navigation platforms. Potentially, billions of routing recommendations can save carbon emissions, supported by advertising revenues or GHG emission offsets towards carbon neutrality in logistics, especially for urban postal and CEP delivery.

ISO standardisation and app store platforms continue to support the sustainability commitments of logistics companies, fostering a large-scale carbon-saving economy urgently needed for climate protection. This initiative aligns with recent announcements, such as bpost’s launch of a carbon calculator for sustainable logistics in Belgium.

For additional details, please refer to: bpost Carbon Calculator.