The biggest project piloting AVs in urban environments, with over 20 cities hosting demonstrations and a €36 million budget, is now active.

Last week, SHOW (SHared automation Operating models for Worldwide adoption) has been officially launched in Brussels. 69 partners from 13 EU countries, kick-started the work to support the deployment of shared, connected and electrified automation in urban transport across a four-year period.

SHOW will promote automated transport towards seamless and safe sustainable mobility. The H2020 project will look at different aspects of AVs and how they can best contribute to sustainable mobility, focusing on users’ acceptance, legal, operational and ethical limitations of AVs and viable business models.

ERTICO has set, among its top priorities for this year, a stronger engagement with cities in Europe, to uphold them through their mobility challenges, and a focus on sustainability in mobility, fully supporting the EU Green Deal.

SHOW will support ERTICO in its 2020 mission. The project is looking at automated urban transport and assesses the impact of mass-automated services in terms of safety, citizen acceptance, traffic efficiency, energy efficiency and cost efficiency for urban environments.

At the same time, SHOW is also strategically oriented towards supporting multimodality accessibility by improving the public transport system (metropolitan rail services, metro lines, tramway network-included), the cycling and walking network and the ITS infrastructures and services.

SHOW’s key innovation is its holistic and integrated approach, engaging the entire mobility ecosystem across Europe. The project is a unique effort to make sustainable urban mobility through automation a living reality!

“SHOW is extremely important for ERTICO, as it shifts the focus from automated vehicles per se to transport operators and users’ experience, taking a step forward towards multimodality,” said Dr. Nikolaos Tsampieris, Senior Manager at ERTICO. “In this context, ERTICO will strengthen international cooperation in the AV area, with relevant twinning initiatives in the US, Singapore, Australia, China, South Korea and Taiwan towards a safer, cleaner, greener, smarter and more sustainable global mobility.”