ERTICO participates in the Ride-to-Autonomy project, coordinated by Rupprecht Consult, as a knowledge partner and a member of the Project Steering Committee. The project is the result of a successful bid to the Pilot Project Smart Urban Mobility involving autonomous vehicles call for proposals, and will formally start its activities in May 2021.

Ride-to-Autonomy will work to develop new mobility concepts for passengers leading to healthier, safer, more accessible, sustainable, cost-effective and demand-responsive transport — everywhere in Europe. Demonstrating the integration of shuttles into public transport will be a hallmark of this project, including its interfacing with other modes and integration into the overall transport system. Ten diverse pilots will be realised to test the performance of the proposed shared, innovative automated mobility solutions in cities of various sizes and technological/economic/geographical status as well as to analyse the safety, socio-economic and environmental impacts and the acceptance of such solutions by their users and society as a whole.

The consortium, made of 20 members, includes also four ERTICO Partners VTT, ICCS, e-Trikala, Ubiwhere.

For more information on the Ride-to-Autonomy project, contact Nikolaos Tsampieris, Senior Manager at ERTICO.