ERTICO welcomed MEP Merja Kyllönen, member of the Committee on Transport and Tourism, and her cabinet to its office to exchange views on transport and energy technologies and policies related to environment and climate.

This was a great occasion for ERTICO to present its work and share its expertise on several topics including Connected and Automated Driving (CAD), Artificial Intelligence (AI) in transport and electro mobility. ERTICO experts had also the opportunity to present ERTICO’s current work in these areas and in particular the potential that advanced ITS solutions have on limiting the negative effects of transport for the environment.

From the Parliament’s side, MEP Kyllönen provided some valuable input to ERTICO’s experts regarding the latest policy updates for CAD, clean mobility and ITS, which will be very useful to refine ERTICO’s current work in developing European projects on smart mobility.

The outcome of this meeting was successful, unlocking the potential of cross-sectoral cooperation and setting a solid ground for possible collaboration between ERTICO and the European Parliament in the future.