The 3rd CAPITAL ITS e-learning pilot training took place in Split, Croatia on 7-8 June in cooperation with CROCODILE 2, focusing on guidance for the deployment of ITS and C-ITS.

“Learning by doing and doing by learning” is the main mission of CAPITAL. To this effect the 3rd CAPITAL pilot training was organised in Split, Croatia at the beginning of June. This event was organised as part of the CROCODILE 2 Technical Workshop that was hosted by the Croatian Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure from 06-08 June 2018. As part of CROCODILE 2 public authorities, road administrations and traffic information service providers from thirteen European countries are committed to set up and operate a data exchange infrastructure based on DATEX II. This infrastructure will be used to exchange data and information between all involved stakeholders, including private partners, with the goal to provide harmonised cross-border traveller information services along the whole corridor.

The first two days of the CROCODILE 2 Technical Workshop were dedicated to specific training and learning workshops. In addition to the CROCODILE 2 partners, attendees included representatives from numerous public administrations and road authorities from the neighbouring countries Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Many participants were ITS novices, while some had previous experience as first- and second-level ITS practitioners.

The two-day training session organised by CAPITAL covered the legal and policy framework for the deployment of ITS and C-ITS, as well as best practices and lessons learnt from previous and current implementations in Hungary, Croatia and Austria.

Initial feedback from the participants to the pilot training was very positive, especially regarding the variety and challenges of the interactive sessions.
In addition to on-site training sessions, CAPITAL’s open online training platform provides a free training programme and educational resources to public and private stakeholders wishing to learn more about ITS & C-ITS deployment. It caters to audiences with beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of understanding of (C)-ITS.

The next CAPITAL training pilot session will be held in the autumn, and will feature the British Isles cluster.