MODALES partner FIA Region I led the project’s Awareness Campaign on low-emission driving, which was launched in March 2022 and ran until February 2023. Together with its Members Clubs, FIA Region I shared the simple tips developed as part of the campaign to help drivers reduce their emissions before driving and while driving, with recommendations on car maintenance.

FIA Region I led and promoted the MODALES Awareness Campaign on social media together with its Member Clubs, making use of their vast networks to reach as many drivers as possible in different countries in Europe. The initiative allowed FIA Region I and its Member Clubs to reinforce their green mobility branding and showcase how they actively contribute to reducing carbon footprint, heading towards the goals of the EU’s Fit for 55 package.

The MODALES Awareness campaign consists of a set of 10 catchy infographics providing driving tips to achieve lower emissions. The tips are available in 11 languages to raise awareness in the countries where MODALES has trial sites and beyond. The driving tips, which are especially aimed at petrol and diesel car drivers,  are divided into three categories: 1) before driving a vehicle, 2) while driving, and 3) simple vehicle maintenance. Each tip is accompanied by a short explanation, and all information is accessible on the MODALES campaign page.

With the support of the FIA Region I Member Clubs, MODALES tips reached a wide audience of drivers in Europe and beyond. Member Clubs such as MCF (France), ACI (Italy), ADAC (Germany), ACL (Luxembourg), ÖAMTC (Austria), RACC (Spain), and TCS (Switzerland) actively support the campaign and regularly share useful tips via their social media channels. The tips prove to be useful for drivers and FIA Region I will continue to disseminate them to road users via its network of driving schools and events, such as the Best Young Driver Contest and/or the Road Patrol Training for Excellence.

Read the full interview on the MODALES website. You can check out the awareness campaign on social media through #MODALEStips.

MODALES is hosting its Final Conference on 12 May in Brussels to mark the end of the project. Join the project partners and discover how the project helped reduce air pollution! Details on how to register can be found here.

The MODALES project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 815189.