On 17 January, EU ambassadors approved the provisional agreement on the effort sharing regulation reached between the Estonian presidency and the European Parliament in December 2017.

An important step towards a cleaner environment and the implementation of the Paris Agreement. Neno Dimov, Bulgarian Minister of Environment and Water, expressed his gratitude for the important work done by the Estonian Presidency on the regulation and added that “There is a political consensus in Europe on the global warming and the measures that should be taken. As a Presidency we will work for our shared interest to achieve a maximum level of progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and thereby improve air quality”.

The next steps will consist in sending the text to the Parliament for approval, following a formal adoption by the Council and the final publishing of the legislative act in the Official Journal of the EU, to then enter into force twenty days after its publication.

The full article is available on the European Council and Council of the European Union’s website.