High-level Chinese and EU representatives met earlier this month to discuss sustainable urban mobility policies at a seminar hosted in Brussels (Belgium).
Over 60 high-level participants from organisations such as the European Commission, the Chinese ministry for national development, European city networks and initiatives, and Chinese cities and universities attended the event.
The meeting, organised by the EU’s Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE) and Dutch urban mobility consultants Ecorys, took place during the 2015 EU-China Partnership Forum.
Presentations during the seminar showed how European and Chinese cities face shared increasing economic, environmental and social problems related to poor transport.
Delegates heard how integrated strategies and measures are the key for resolving issues such as poor urban air quality and traffic congestion.
Attendees agreed that more co-operation between European and Chinese cities on the development and implementation of sustainable urban mobility strategies and measures, and mutual learning and exchange will be beneficial for both China and the EU.
*Picturet: European Union / Michael Chia