Beijing has been recently the host of the 16th EU- China summit that took place from the 18 till the 22 November 2013. The EU and the Chinese counterpart represented by the highest political representatives met in China focusing on discussions for potential cooperation and therefore paving the way for  launching new initiatives to take the relationship forward in the next decade.  A strategic agenda on security, prosperity and sustainable development has been set up and negotiations are expected to be launched on an EU – China bilateral investment agreement.

Eu-China Exhibition

The summit served also as a platform for exchanging knowledge and information  between EU and China along the 5 sub-forums organized namely:

1. Creative/innovative city 

2. Smart city

3. Green city

4. Civil city

5. Urban mobility 

Viajeo Plus took part proudly in the Urban Mobility, where Mr. Ralf Willenbrock from T-Systems and on behalf of the Consortium presented the project to a wide public. In addition, the Viajeo Plus partners such as VOLVO, BTRC, SCCTPC actively contributed to the discussions in the sub-forum as well as in the exhibition hall.


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Original author: Manuela Flachi