As highlighted by the industry in the latest ERTICO webinar on electronic-freight documents and data sharing, the coronavirus crisis has stressed the challenge of protecting the health of the population whilst avoiding disruptions to the free movement of persons, and the delivery of goods and essential services across Europe. The implementation of the Union’s policies on checks of persons and goods should be governed by the principle of solidarity between the Member States.

In order to avoid shortages and avoid that the social and economic difficulties that all European countries are already experiencing worsen, maintaining the functioning of the Single Market is key. Member States should therefore not undertake measures that jeopardise the integrity of the Single Market for goods, in particular of supply chains, or engage in any unfair practices. Member States must always admit their own citizens and residents, and facilitate transit of other EU citizens and residents that are returning home.

As regards measures linked to border management, coordination at EU level is key. Therefore, these guidelines set out principles for an integrated approach to an effective border management to protect health while preserving the integrity of the Single Market.

Through FENIX – the leading EU project on federating e-freight platforms, AEOLIX logistics platform and the ERTICO Academy, the ERTICO Partnership will continue to drive the industry towards the full uptake of digitalisation”

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Source: European Commission

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