The first joint CEN/ETSI report in response to the European Commission Mandate M/453 was delivered 15 April as requested by the European Commission. Download it   here.pdf (890.5 KB)

The European Standardisation Organisations are preparing next steps and will organise an open workshop in Berlin 25-27 May 2010 in order to discuss detailed technical issues in relation to the standardisation work in accordance with the “Minimum set of standards” to be developed by CEN and ETSI.

The proposed Agenda includes the following topics for interest:

  • ITSD framework architecture
  • Local Dynamic Maps
  • Facility layer issues
  • Data protection
  • Application and services
  • Technical discussion of the applicability of CALM standards


ERTICO – ITS Europe will keep you informed about the evolution of the standardisation mandate’s related efforts.

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Original Publication Date: Mon 26 Jul 2010