The PUSH&PULL mobility project has produced a parking space management brochure that is available in 19 European languages.

The purpose of the brochure, 16 Good Reasons for Parking Management, is to provide knowledge to build sound, political arguments to help to alleviate parking problems and support sustainable transport in cities around Europe.

PUSH&PULL project co-ordinator Robert Pressl said: ‘[The brochures] should strengthen the position of politicians, decision-makers and […] journalists in the process of taking what may be, at first glance, unpopular, but in fact rational and sustainable decisions to manage on- and off-street parking.’

The PUSH&PULL project aims to improve urban mobility in European cities by means of parking space management combined with mobility management measures. By introducing paid parking, increasing parking fees, reducing or restraining parking supply or implementing comparable measures, PUSH&PULL says that car drivers will be ‘pushed’ to use more sustainable transport.

The income generated from parking space management can be used to promote alternatives, thus ‘pulling’ or attracting users towards public transport, walking, cycling and other sustainable modes. For more information on the project and to download the brochures, visit