Germany based FEDDZ is the latest electric bike manufacturer to launch its electric bike in the European Market. FEDDZ stands for “FAST ELECTRIC DRIVE DYNAMICZ” and ditches the fuel tank for carriage space and provides innovative solutions to modern day problems in commuting and local transportation.  In a bid to improve electric mobility and reduce use of gasoline vehicles the new FEDDZ will easily win you over its form and functionality. It has a design that provides excellent utilitarian needs to the user with the availability of its cargo space and ability to go upto speeds of 45 kmph makes it great for running errands around the cityscape quickly.


It is silent, free from use of gasoline and has zero emissions which combined with its storage space of 23 litres is perfect for use in the city. The electric bike is light and easy to manoeuvre. It has 3 gears to choose from which provides you acceleration or relaxed ride to improve economy based on your requirements. It has a USB port for charging your mobile phone and brings safety features such as rear lamp, tail lamp and turn blinkers along with a powerful headlamp in the form of the Phillips high performance head lamp. The cargo space has sufficient storage area to keep a small briefcase, articles, football, water bottles or any other small item.



However, the best part of the FEDDZ electric bike is that the battery is removable and chargeable anywhere and anytime. You don’t need to worry about a electric output in your garage or parking area.  The pack has a fast charger and will recharge the battery in four hours. If you own two battery packs then you can swap the battery anytime. The electric bike weighs 33 kg without battery. The battery weight is approximately 11.5 kg. It has a wheelbase of 1320mm and has a frame made of aluminium and trim panels are made of ABS plastic with PMMA coating. It has a RFID digital starter and its cargo space has 2 belts with quick release enclosure.