The fourth and final webinar of our series ahead of the 15th ITS European Congress will combine the remaining two topics of the Programme: Freight & Logistics and Digitalisation & the Data Value Chain. This important topic will be represented in the Congress programme through various Special Interest Sessions and Paper presentations.

Some of the subtopics discussed will include: Best practice implementations; Policy, standards and harmonisation; Greening of freight and logistics chains; Data processing and energy efficiency; Truck Platooning and other future logistics modes; Last-mile distribution and delivery in cities and suburbs; Integration of ports and cities; Multimodal freight services; Digital logistics platforms and Logistics as a service; Paperless vehicle and load tracking; Positioning, timing and navigation systems; Data-ownership, privacy & security; Data Analytics and handling Big Data; Open data platforms, etc.

During the webinar on Thursday 11 May, just 10 days before the start of the eagerly-awaited ITS European Congress, host and chair Lisa Boch-Andersen, Director of Communications, Congresses & Events at ERTICO, will give a birds-eye view of some of the highlights that attendees can expect at the three-day event in Lisbon. ERTICO CEO, Joost Vantomme, will underline the strategic significance of the topic for ERTICO’s activities and its Partnership.

Dr Nikolaos Tsampieris, Senior Manager of Innovation & Deployment at ERTICO, will moderate the panel session on the topic of the day. During this session, Dr Wasim Shoman, Researcher at Chalmers University of Technology, will first review the state of the art regarding the use of big data to improve road freight transport. Barry van Leuven, Managing Director at Pionira NV, will share insights into e-documents as a service for transport and logistics. Senior Researcher at Vicomtech Dr Gorka Vélez Isasmendi will focus on the development and use of 5G data platforms for innovative ITS. Lucie Kirstein, EU project coordinator and team lead at National Academy of Science and Engineering (Acatech) will provide a perspective on logistics and freight transport with regard to the European Mobility Data Space (EMDS). Finally, Dr Jonathan Köhler, Research Scientist at Fraunhofer ISI, will talk about how climate change and digitalisation are changing freight transport.

Join us on Thursday 11 May, 14:00-15:15 CEST, to take part in this interesting discussion and hear about what awaits you at the ITS European Congress in Lisbon!

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