Compass4D consortium is glad to welcome the Fire Brigade Brabant-Zuidoost (located in Helmond) as a new associated partner. They join the growing consortium of 33 partners (public authorities, users and industry), 11 associated partners and 4 associated cities.

The Fire Brigade are using the ”Energy Efficient Intersection” service of Compass4D, that grants them a green light at equipped intersections in the city and which enhance road safety. As associated partners of the project, they will make available 5 vehicles to the Compass4D fleet of 42 vehicles (trucks, electric cars, buses and emergency vehicles) at the pilot site Helmond-Eindhoven. In addition, they will acquire the role of ambassador for Compass4D services and cooperative technologies towards other emergency vehicles and fire brigade regions in the Netherlands in the so called “Safety Regions” (“Veiligheidsregio”).

The Fire Brigade were involved in the FREILOT project a few years back. FREILOT focused on urban freight and addressed: Traffic management (intersection control optimised for energy efficiency); Vehicle (Acceleration and adaptive speed limiters); Driver (Enhanced “eco driving” support); and Fleet management (Real-time loading/ delivery space booking) showing that up to 25% reduction in fuel consumption in urban areas can be achieved through its scheme.

The Fire Brigade took part in the demo on 1 July organised by Compass4D in the City of Helmond, where the European Commission representatives had the opportunity to experience the project’s services and visit the Fire Brigade station of Helmond.