In this “post COVID” era, in which everything – including mobility – needs to readjust, ERTICO wants to ensure that debate about mobility of the future continues and that synergies amongst the ITS Community are further strengthened, leading to even greater and smarter mobility solutions.  Despite the postponement of some of the largest events in the field, ERTICO has already begun to transform this challenge into an opportunity and is launching a revolutionary tool at the service of the ITS conversation: the Virtual ITS European Congress, to be held on 9-10 November 2020.

“We are proud to announce that we will host the Virtual ITS European Congress”, says Jacob Bangsgaard, ERTICO CEO. “The event wants to support the connection amongst ITS Community members and ensure the exchange of expertise, best practice and on-going ideas. The Virtual ITS European Congress is an opportunity to learn, discuss the ITS trends and innovations and network with industry experts and stakeholders, in anticipation of the next face-to-face event – the ITS World Congress in Hamburg in 2021.”

Oliver Bahns, Head of Connected Mobility at T-Systems International, the first sponsor of the Virtual ITS European Congress, added: “Our society is confronted with digital challenges day by day. The COVID crisis has just enforced this evolution. Staying engaged and networking within the mobility community has become even more important. The virtual congress format will facilitate a larger audience, thus inspire innovation for better and more environmentally-sensitive mobility and transport solutions. Digital transformation of automotive and public industries is the core business of T-Systems. Therefore, I’m delighted to be a key partner of this first Virtual European ITS Congress.”

Even though the value of face-to-face interaction remains high, hosting the ITS Congress virtually will bring numerous advantages: the content, shared in a variety of formats (interviews, presentations and live streamed sessions), will be accessible for participants even after the two day event. The virtual exhibition will provide the attendees with tools for live networking, meetings and product showcasing; as they will be able to engage in the conversation through chat, surveys and polls, Q&A sessions and B2B meetings.

In addition, ERTICO Virtual ITS European Congress does not require travelling, booking hotels or accommodating schedule conflicts: in one click, participants will be part of an inspiring event full of opportunities to discover, brainstorm and connect.

We look forward to meeting you online: follow our news to stay up-to-date.