ncdotcommunications_ev_charging_station_ribbon-cutting_flickr_cc_by_2.0Electric vehicle (EV) drivers in Zagreb are now able to charge their cars for free in five public parking garages around the city.

The Zagreb parking garages – located in Tuškanac, Langov trg, Petrinjska, Kvaternikov trg and Gorica – each have two spots for charging.

The average time it will take to charge a vehicle using the 22kW stations is five hours.

Croatia’s Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund co-financed 40 per cent of the project, which cost a total of 168 000 kuna (€23 000 )

There are currently just over 100 EVs registered in Zagreb. However, in a bid to encourage citizens to purchase electric and hybrid cars, the Croatian government in March 2015 announced a new subsidy scheme for EVs.
The terms allow co-financing of up to 40 per cent of the total price of a vehicle. Individual amounts are capped at 70 000 Croatian kuna (€9 200) for electric vehicles and 50 000 kuna (€6 600) for hybrid vehicles.