The ERTICO-coordinated innovation platform TN-ITS is contributing to the creation of the common European mobility data space by connecting stakeholders and fostering data sharing. Google Maps joining TN-ITS strengthens data exchange and map accuracy, paving the way for safer, more efficient transportation.

To realise the European Data Strategy‘s vision of making the EU a leader in an increasingly digital world through a unified data market, the European Commission has launched the initiative to create a common European mobility data space. This initiative also connects with the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy (SSMS), which seeks to transform the EU’s transport system into a clean, digital, and modern powerhouse. The goal of the European mobility data space is to facilitate seamless data access, pooling, and sharing from various sources, empowering innovative mobility solutions.

Aligned with this ambition, TN-ITS, ERTICO’s multistakeholder innovation platform, focuses on seamless authoritative road attribute data exchange, creating a data chain mechanism between road authorities, mapmakers and service providers. This collaboration seeks to enhance road safety, efficiency, and innovation, facilitating accurate, trustworthy and up-to-date information on speed limits, lane closures, and parking availability, among others. The data exchange that TN-ITS enables also pave the way for advancements like MaaS (Mobility as a Service) and smart parking, creating a truly connected and seamless mobility experience.

Google Maps Joins Forces with TN-ITS

Mapping industry leaders TomTom and Here Technologies are key TN-ITS members. Now, in a significant step towards its mission to provide highly accurate maps for a safer and more efficient mobility ecosystem, TN-ITS has been joined by Google Maps. The collaboration underscores the commitment of both Google Maps and TN-ITS to harness technology and innovation to address the evolving needs of modern transportation systems.

This synergy between the public and private sectors strengthens data exchange, improves information quality, and ultimately benefits users with the most accurate map data possible. “We are very pleased to join the TN-ITS platform, and anticipate strong collaboration between public and private sectors, resulting in improved data exchange, enhanced information quality, and ultimately, more accurate information for our users”, declares Rebeca Joaquin, Google Maps Auto Data Partnerships Lead. “We look forward to sharing knowledge and working collaboratively towards our shared goals in road data exchange”.

ERTICO also contributes to the EU’s vision of a holistic European data space for mobility connecting its vast partnership of industry players, public authorities and researchers, facilitating data exchange, and fostering innovation. Through its different innovation platforms, featuring DFRS on data sharing for road safety, TM2.0 on interactive traffic management or EAVP for the deployment of seamless Automated Valet Parking (AVP) across Europe, it unlocks mobility data’s potential, shaping smarter transportation across Europe.

ERTICO was part of the PrepDSpace4Mobility Coordination Support Action (CSA), which mapped existing data ecosystems, identified gaps and overlaps, and proposed common building blocks and governance frameworks to advance this European mobility data space. The work started in the CSA will continue in the deployEMDS project, which will deploy an operational data space and common governance mechanisms.