The pan-European in-vehicle emergency call system “eCall” is a device that automatically calls the nearest Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) in the event of a serious traffic accident. The system will send at the same time a minimum set of data (MSD) related to the accident location time and direction of the vehicle. Estimates indicate that 2.500 lives could be saved in the European Union annually and 15 % of serious injuries avoided if all European cars were equipped with eCall.

The European eCall Implementation Platform aims to be the coordination body bringing together all major stakeholders to synchronise their activities which would accelerate the deployment of eCall at national and European level. The Platform will further develop the previous work accomplished by the eCall Driving Group PSAPs Expert Group and the European Standardisation Organisation.

Participants including representatives of the European Commission Member States (MS) industry and other major stakeholders discussed the main objectives and structure of the Platform along with the nomination of the chair and his mandate duration. After a constructive debate it was agreed that for a period of two years ERTICO will take the role of chair and will be supported by a vice-chair which should be a MS with a one year mandate. Finland was the first MS designated to assume the role of the vice-chair being the first MS which had signed the MoU.
The meeting highlighted the need to set up a work programme including milestones and a series of tasks to be coordinated to ensure progress on the implementation of eCall across Europe as well as efficient and harmonised deployment of the service. The Platform should allocate responsibilities adopt decisions by consensus at its plenary meetings and organise campaigns to increase the awareness of European citizens for eCall.

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Original Publication Date: Tue 27 Jul 2010