The consultation and tendering procedure began on 18 December 2008 and closed on 9 February 2009. It consists of two parts a market consultation for certification and a tender for the ‘Different Payment for Mobility’ project. Until 23 January interested parties were able to ask for information from the Ministry of Transport Public Works and Water Management.

Regarding the market consultation for certification seven parties registered as candidates for part 2: installation and 11 parties (including 4 consortia) registered as candidates for part 3: service providers. The start of part 1 dealing with onboard equipment has been postponed. The ministry is satisfied with the number of registrations as this is a good basis for discussion. On 6 March the parties selected for the certification market consultation will be made known. A kick-off meeting will be held on 18 March at which the selected candidates will receive more in-depth  details pertaining to the consultation programme. For more information please visit

Forty-seven parties have registered for tendering. The ministry is satisfied with the large number of registrations and sees it as a basis for successful tendering. The Tendering team of the ‘Different Payment for Mobility’ project started the legal review of the documents submitted and an evaluation of the content. Determining which parties will move on will be subject to officially documented procedures involving the Tender Board. For more information please visit

More information can be found at Click the topic ‘Mobility and Accessibility’ and then ‘Road Pricing’.

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Original Publication Date: Tue 27 Jul 2010