The Portuguese government is reportedly planning a number of initiatives to boost the number of citizens using public transport and promote sustainable urban mobility.

The proposals include enabling a universal, integrated system of payment for transport through the creation of a mobility smartcard.

Citizens will be able to access and pay for all public transport services using the card, including parking, tolls, car-sharing platforms and charging electric vehicles.

Families will benefit from a new family pass for urban public transport, and groups of travellers will be able to take advantage of discounted tickets for five or more people.

The government also wants to drive the concept of sustainable urban mobility in an effort to reduce traffic congestion, combat pollution, provide greater speed and flexibility of movement and promote well-being and quality of life for citizens.

As part of this the government will embark on a strategy to encourage citizens to cycle, which includes developing new cycling infrastructure, and facilitating the carriage of bicycles on public transport, including on trains and the metro.