There is little doubt that the automobile has been the most revolutionary invention in the history of transportation since the discovery of the wheel. And since 1889 when Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach introduced the first 1.5 horsepower two-cylinder gas-powered car the automobile industry has been evolving growing and changing. We are now at a point when modern life is challenging the current transport industry archetype creating an urgent need for change. A growing portion of the world’s population – almost 70% – resides in cities where increasing mobility has given way to traffic congestion noise pollution safety concerns and the resulting negative environmental impacts.

Photo: Marcel Visser Vice President Automotive

Traffic congestion alone costs municipalities companies and consumers billions each year – nearly 100 billion Euro or 1% of the EU’s GDP per annum. Road safety on crowded streets is another major concern – it’s estimated that 40% of CO2 emissions and 70% of other pollutants are caused by motorised transport alone. With our growing awareness of the interconnectedness of CO2 pollution and environmental destruction conventional solutions such as expanding road infrastructure are no longer viable to assuage transportation system challenges.

Governments car manufactures and consumers are realising that wireless technology holds the key to changing travel lifestyles and cleaning up greening up and optimising modern transport systems. Of course machine-to-machine (M2M) vehicle telematics on its own cannot fully mitigate the global challenges of automotive traffic.  Wireless Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) work in conjunction with telematics transmitting real-time data about traffic and the environment to drive the Internet Of Things (IOT) i.e. the networked interconnection of everyday objects; in this case cars busses traffic lights roads with embedded sensors and emergency road crews among others.

Photo: Axel Hansmann Vice President Strategy & Marketing Communications

Cinterion a Gemalto company has been at the forefront of M2M and automotive solutions since its inception more than 15 years ago. The Company is working with partners around the world on next generation M2M technology solutions that automatically and seamlessly connect: people to vehicles vehicles to emergency crews vehicles to roads roads to municipalities municipalities to smart grids and clean energy sources – the list of connections goes on!

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Original Publication Date: Tue 24 May 2011