ERTICO: What role do you see for intelligent transport systems to achieve EU targets concerning reducing fatalities and CO2 emissions from transport?

Brian Simpson: I envisage a major role for intelligent transport systems. It’s about forging a partnership between technological progress and the education of drivers. Technology has a key role to play with the clear benefits of advanced braking systems already being shown in addition to pre-warning systems and better fuel efficiency.

ERTICO: How important are electric vehicles intelligent transport systems and smart grids for future “smart cities”?

Brian Simpson: These are important tools that can be used to improve life in our cities and make them more sustainable and environmentally friendly. However there is a whole toolbox of measures to make transport more efficient in our urban areas such as a better ticketing systems and LPG vehicles and these must be fully looked at too.



Photo: Brian Simpson MEP and Chair of the European Parliament Transport and Tourism Committee


ERTICO: What is most important for you to happen to achieve “intelligent” mobility?

Brian Simpson: In my opinion it is highly important for us to focus on the possibilities of better integration. By this I do not mean better integration of transport modes alone but also between local regional and national authorities with a view to sharing best practice.

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Original Publication Date: Fri 27 May 2011