DEVICES: Apple is an extraordinary company. It woke up the music distribution industry. It created a device (the iPad) which at the time many of us didn’t REALLY think we needed – but we still bought it anyway. And it’s latest release has triggered all sorts of gushing from its array of fanboys (and girls). Apple HAS to do this, however, because its arch rival down the street is eating its lunch… for breakfast. Read more on LinkedIn.

Much has been made of Apple’s biggest volume day to date  –  selling four million new iPhones in 24 hours worldwide just last week.

It’s a tremendous achievement for any company.

Less has been said on how Google will sell two million smartphones by the end of 2014 in one country alone .

And, as a result, how it will beat Apple in the process.

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NB: Google Apple devices image via Shutterstock.

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