Please be advised that the Call for Papers for this Congress is now closed.

It is our distinct pleasure to inform you that the 8th ITS European Congress and Exhibition on Intelligent Transport Systems and Services will take place in Lyon France 6-9 June 2011. The organisation of this major 2011 event is coordinated by ERTICO – ITS EUROPE together with the active participation of the European Commission the Grand Lyon the Rhône-Alpes Region the Lyon Urban Truck and Bus Cluster the French Ministry of Transport (MEEDDM) ITS France and the French organisations active within ERTICO – ITS Europe.


The Congress theme is geared towards “Intelligent Mobility – ITS for sustainable transport of persons and goods in urban regions”. The focus will mainly be on the following topics in the context of ITS:

  • co-modal urban transport management
  • electromobility
  • from cooperative systems to integrated mobility services
  • from smart concepts to successful implementation
  • governance and business issues
  • information and communication: providers and users
  • ITS for adaptive and resilient cities

Bringing intelligence into mobility will be of special importance for achieving more sustainable transport in urban areas. Intelligent transport systems are contributing substantially to the safety efficiency and environmental performance of mobility.

This event will provide the ideal opportunity to measure achievements in terms of deployment to learn about and discuss the next steps.

The Congress will be a unique opportunity:

  • to exchange information  and network with 1500 stakeholders decision and policy makers
  • to share best practices and lessons learned
  • to  monitor progress and measure results in terms of implementation and deployment
  • to exhibit state of the art technologies and innovative products and services
  • to open business and partnership opportunities
  • to showcase the latest ITS solutions
  • to disseminate relevant information on ITS to a wide audience on a local European and international level


Not only is Lyon a city of culture tourism and gastronomy it is also at the forefront when it comes to transport. With over 1000 firms and 80000 jobs dedicated to transport and home to major manufacturers in the automobile sector Lyon aims to become a reference in the fields of mobility and sustainability. Visitors to the event will profit from the occasion of  meeting with advanced industry academics and public organisations who more importantly share the common interest in promoting future urban transport systems using ITS.

Don’t miss your chance to observe Intelligent Transport Systems in the urban area of Lyon whilst seizing opportunities to gather and discuss with key stakeholders across Europe. Contribute to making your region more resilient and discover how that can be achieved at the 8th ITS European Congress.

For further details on the 8th European Congress & Exhibition on ITS please do not hesitate to contact Gabriella Axelsson or visit the Congress website.




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Original Publication Date: Mon 22 Nov 2010