1. HAVEit Fusion Workshop 22 February 2011 Brussels Belgium

The HAVEit Consortium – Highly automated vehicles for Intelligent Transport organised a successful workshop on information fusion for automotive applications. The workshop took place in Brussels at the Volvo offices on 22 February 2011. It brought together previous and current research initiatives allowing experts to discuss ideas best practices and exchange knowledge in fusion related topics. Future research needs were also examined.

Thirty participants heavily engaged in fusion research both from the academia and the industry joined the discussions that focused on presentations of findings from previous projects followed by a round table. Erich Fuchs (University of Passau) made a keynote speech that encouraged interaction among participants through open discussions in accordance with the EC’s emphasis on the fact that knowledge already generated should be put in good use and not be left unexploited.

2. HAVEit Final Event: The Future of Driving

The HAVEit Final Event “The Future of Driving” will take place at the First Grand Hotel in Borås (presentations) and at the Volvo Proving Ground in Hällered (vehicle demonstrations and exhibition) Sweden on 21 -22 June 2011. The event is geared around new solutions on traffic safety and low fuel consumption where visitors can also experience the future of driving in demonstration vehicles and simulators. The HAVEit EC funded project has developed some exciting solutions based on a driver centric approach: relieving the driver from monotonous and from demanding driving tasks by higher levels of vehicle automation.

HAVEit’s unique Joint System selects the optimum vehicle path and the appropriate automation level depending on driver state and vehicle environment. In highly automated mode the HAVEit system performs the driving task under mere supervision of the driver. During the event participants can further experience automated driving first hand through roadworks and relaxed highway driving at speeds up to 120 km/h. They will be invited to feel the comfort as passengers in a bus with active green driving strategies based on HAVEit technologies or experience a trucker’s perspective through a live demonstration of truck safety and driving comfort enhancement by an automated queue assistant. Additional vehicles and simulators will give the audience a deeper insight into future technologies like steer-by-wire and brake-by-wire as well as how to measure the driver’s alertness.

If you are interested in participating do not forget to contact the organisers by sending an email here.

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Original Publication Date: Wed 09 Mar 2011