The city of Helmond the Netherlands has decided to continue the cooperative mobility services piloted in the successful European Union co-funded project FREILOT. Based on the positive results of the pilot the partners involved (the Helmond Fire Brigade the Municipality Van den Broek Logistics and Imtech/Peek) are in talks to work out the details of a commercial agreement. These talks mark the end phase of FREILOT and a beginning for the commercial operation of cooperative mobility services in Europe where cooperative services are used in daily life by key stakeholders such as city authorities the fire brigade and fleet operators.  

Announced at “The Cooperative Services: Today Tomorrow and Forever?” workshop held in Helmond 19 June 2012 the talks between the Municipality of Helmond and Imtech/Peek both partners in FREILOT show that the benefits derived from the FREILOT service – energy efficiency increased safety increased delivery reliability – are real and significant.

Gert Blom Strategic Adviser Mobility of City of Helmond said “After seeing the results of the FREILOT pilot we are convinced of the clear benefits of cooperative mobility services. We are especially pleased that the Helmond fire brigade successfully joined the pilot project in 2011 providing another reason for Helmond to continue with the FREILOT solution even after the end of this project”.

Karel van Rooij Van den Broek Logistics said “The time savings and increase in delivery reliability and predictability is a key aspect of the FREILOT services for our company.”

Joost Janssen Policy Officer Fire Brigade City of Helmond said “FREILOT helps us to arrive where we need to be quicker and safer. We are very keen to continue working on FREILOT with other stakeholders to further enhance this service to better serve our community.” The Cooperative Services: Today Tomorrow and Forever?” workshop was jointly organised by FREILOT and eCoMove an EU co-funded research project based on the same technology taking eco-mobility services to the next level.

Willem Hartman Managing Director at Imtech/Peek Netherlands stated in December 2011 that the work from FREILOT and eCoMove has contributed strongly to the commercialisation of the cooperative services.

Zeljko Jeftic FREILOT Project Coordinator of the European Union’s first Competiveness and Innovation Programme pilot project in intelligent transport systems said “Not only has FREILOT shown the benefits of cooperative mobility services in a real environment  leading to a 13% reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions but it has also successfully overcome all deployment barriers towards a successful and viable project after-life.”

The workshop was clearly orientated to the practical aspects of deployment with a demonstration tour through Helmond with FREILOT-equipped vehicles organised by Imtech/Peek and a visit to visit the DITCM Control Room organised by TNO.

For a selection of photos from the event please click here.

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Original Publication Date: Wed 20 Jun 2012