Finland launches a pilot: A whole new method to collect road toll

To build a road tolling system from the ground up can be very difficult and expensive. Could you build a road toll system that is not too heavy, not too expensive, a system that is supported by transportation services that are already available?

The Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications has launched an experimental project on electronic transport services for 2014–2015. The project aims to promote consumer markets in electronic transport services and to analyse what type of impacts the services will have.

For transport services you need an ecosystem: service providers and services. The Finnish pilot aims to find out if it is possible that transportation services could work as a basis for road tolling. The project is open to all national and international enterprises and business consortia. Businesses can test and develop their own services and find new ways of cooperation. The state has the role of a customer and a provider of opportunities. The businesses themselves will invest in the development of their operations. The estimated budget for the entire project is 5–8 million EUROS.

For further information, please contact Mr Risto Murto, Director of Unit for Transport Management, Tel. +35 8 295 34 2639

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